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I act, I sing, and sometimes I wear fairy wings.

I write, I play, I've learned there is "no one right way".

Hello! I'm Jenna, and this is my website. Tada!


So... I do a lot of things, and that's okay; I am a "creative type". I feel like I always have to be making something, whether it's cupcakes or a new blog post.


I live in Los Angeles and spend my time doing everything from taking improv classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade, to working on stories and ideas, to songwriting.



I hail from the utopian suburbia known as Columbia, MD, and I graduated from UMBC with a very useful degree in theatre.


I run a small business, wrote and self-published a children's book, and play pretend weekly with my all-female improv troupe Titty Titty Bang Bang.


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